Høsten 2009

The fall break arrived so suddenly……  literally 6 weeks after our princess started school.  She was home with her Dad for the most part :)   We took one day and went for a fishing trip/picnic/walk to a nature trail/park just a little drive from our place.

Our little angel got her first fishing rod.

Daddy got everything fixed for his girls :)


Since there weren’t so many fish around, the girls did a little environmental clean-up.  They fished out a pair of sunglasses, a sock, a washing cloth and some very nasty stuff that was unidentifiable.

It is quite a lovely spot.  I especially like the covered picnic area since you never know when it is going to rain her in the Bergen area.

The girls decided they needed a tent….. in the living room of course.  So we fixed that and they moved in all of their toys :)


And since it was so nice to share a bed at Grammy & Grampy’s house – they needed to share one at home.  I know it sounds strange, but we had a double bed in the storage room (2 singles that fasten together to make a double) so we took it out and fixed it up for the girls.  It is almost as nice as Canada…….

And there is always something to fix around the house.  This time we needed a new tap and the 10 year guaranty at IKEA won us over……

I made this before summer vacation and it has been nice and warm for our angel.  I made one for our princess too……….

Last Saturday we were in the city and remembered to take some bread with us to feed the birds :)   I don’t know who was happier, the girls or the birds :)



There have been a few pair of socks knitted this fall….. I haven’t managed to get photos of many before they end up in drawers or at school/day-care.  Here is a pair in a yarn from Fleece Artist.  It is a little hard to see the colouring her, but it is quite lovely really :)   I am hoping there is enough left for a nice pair of wrist warmers for me ;)


My angel picked out this yarn herself.  It is Fabel from Drops.  It was ok to work with.  Both pairs of socks were a little too big, but rather that than too small.  There was almost nothing left from a 50g ball.

I have a few more projects on the go and will try to post them as soon as they are done.

Take care :)



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Jepp…. vi er her fremdeles :)

Spring is in the air and everything is blooming :)

The challenge is just to the keep girls from picking all the flowers …

Our angel was tired getting frustrated with her tricycle…. she kept hitting her knees on the handle bars… Since we had to buy a new helmet anyways, we figured it was time for a new set of wheels.  The whole way home in the car she kept asking where her bike was and after we took this photo, she turned with a very serious look on her face and said “Mommy, I big girl now”.

Here she is testing things out, keeping her Dad on his toes.  Lets just say that she is fond of the wind in her hair…..

The only sad part of the weekend was that Mommy’s bike was stolen from the garden…..

But let’s not dwell on the negative……we need to stay positive…..

My darling husband covered up the front of the garage last fall and dismantled the door.  We have had the “green monster” ever since :(

There has been a lot of sandpaper, blades for the scraper and hard work these past few months….

… slowly but surely all the pieces were treated with oil and varnish and …….

finally it was time for the removal of the “green monster”:)

and that is how we cheer up the wife ;)

Our angel was at her first birthday party alone.  It’s an important milestone for a “big” girl :)   We had to make a hat of course and since the birthday girl has long hair – we made a pig-tail hat.

And before we knew it there was another birthday invitation and we of course had to find some knitting needles and some striped yarn (competition on Uformelt) for another birthday hat ;)

She had a blast at the party and they claim she behaved herself – what more can a Mommy ask for?

I have a few knitting projects on the go, but life is busy, fun but busy and there are a lot of evenings that I have fallen asleep with my knitting in my hands….

Have a great evening.

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Socks… Socks… and more socks….

Socks with one thread alpaca and one thread fabel for my Princess :)


Socks in Tofootsie for my Angel :)


They though the best way to show off their new socks was lying flat on their backs on the sofa with their feet propped up on the wall…..


Christmas present socks for a little Darling in Oslo with to threads Tofootsie :)



More socks for my angel…. this time in Online…. “Very girlie”


And last but not least…. socks for the Mommy…… 

Knitted with Yukon from Pagewood Farms…….  This yarn is sock heaven :)

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Oh what a day……

Yesterday evening, after the children were finally in bed I went outside to put a few things away.  There was the most amazing light reflecting in the fjord.  I had to run and find the camera… and by the time I got back it had begun to fade….

My husband loves rose bushes… It’s typical that they are in full bloom while he is away at work.

And somehow this lovely dwarf rhodendron surrounded by weeds and grass continues to survive. It has a bad habit of being trimmed by the lawn mower and is almost utterly neglected…

What to do with two active children on an in-service (planleggingsdag) day…  Here are some shells the girls and I pick at the beach near where we stay in Northern Norway.  My princess had collected most of the larger ones with her aunt one day, while we collected the small colourful ones late on afternoon.  It took some time to figure out what we should do with them, but finally a plan…

On our trip to Stavanger we stopped by a factory outlet where I found 2 very inexpensive dark brown plates.  Today we covered them with shelles and made……

… a soap dish for the bathroom.  The children were very pleased and had to move the different soaps around to see which soaps looked better on which soap dish ;)

It is a nice memory.  We had a lot of fun that day picking shells… and even though the girls lost their concentration by the end of the gluing today – my princess had to run and put them in the bathroom as soon as the glue had set.

We were all a little tired today…. but even so, my little angel is an active and demanding person.

We took the girls to see ‘Mamma Mia’ last weekend and my darling husband bought us the movie soundtrack before he left for work.  Unfortunately my camera isn’t the most advanced so it is hard to capture all of her movements, but her she is twirling and twisting around the living room.

And this evening when the girls were FINALLY in bed, I warmed some leftover pieces of apple along with a pear and some raisins in the oven (with cinnamon and sugar) and heated them through.  I topped it off with some vanilla kesam and it was lovely. 

It might not look that appetizing, but along with a cup of my favourite tea, it ‘hit the spot’ after a long and busy weekend.  And now I get to sit and knit in peace…..



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Summer fun


It has been a complicated sommer vacation – leave it to us to think that something should be easy.  The girls have had their 4 mandatory weeks off from barnehage with their Dad, while I got to have to first and last week with them :)

We decided to make a quick trip to Stavanger and with a few tips from Anne-Ruth http://anne-ruth.com/wordpress/ we had a great time.  Thank you for the great advice :)  

Here we are for a few hours at Soma Gård (am hoping we can go there again sometime)……… We got there just in time to get in a few pony rides before they were finished for the day….

And there were so many animals to look at.  My little angel thought some of them were "inky, inky" (stinky, stinky) ;)

We found these diggers and my princess was doing a great job.  Please don’t ask about her clothing choices for the day – pink is acceptable at any occasion in her mind and lets not forget the glitter-shoes…..

And she some how thinks that we need a rabbit now, although I’m not sure our cats agree…

With the wind blowing this way – it looks like my little angel is going 60 km….

 Good thing she couldn’t reach the peddles ;)

Don’t be fooled by this little rascal.  No wonder she is smiling – she just threw sand at me…

These have been done for a long time, but I am having a "belated birthday" year this year.  Which really means that I can’t get a present out on time if my life depended on it….

These are both knitted with Svale from Dale since they are for two wonderful children in Australia. 

Hope everyone has had a great summer. 

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A quick update

I am very embarassed to say that I almost forgot my wedding anniversary….  I had an "oh s*%t" moment around 2 o’clock on the day in question and immediately called my husband to congratulate him.  He hadn’t forgotten ;)  

My princess was invited to a birthday party the last week in June.  It was a little girl she has gone to day-care with for the past 3 years.  She is a year older than my princess and will be starting school in August.  We made her a hat to keep her warm this fall.


And I am very relieved to say that………………….


… my 120 fish are all sewn together and have one row of crochet around.  The blanket ended up being 80 * 190.  I’m not very happy with the size – but honestly I need a little break from fish.  I am considering knitting two more vertical rows (colour undecided) - one on either side to widen it a bit.  I am open to other suggestions……

I’ve used Debbie Bliss Denim Cotton, DSA Færytail, Drops Alpaca, Idena Baby Bomull and Drops Vivaldi.  Almost everything was from my stash – I think I bought 2 balls of white Drops Alpaca.  It weighs 1,15 kg.



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Ja, ja,

men tiden går i fra mæ ;)

Her har det vært travelt vet du.  Vi kom hjem fra påske ferie på en mandag og dagen etter reiste min mann på havet igjen.  Da han kom hjem igjen etter det så skulle vi ordne litt i kjellergangen….

Æ tuller ikke når æ sier at æ har aldri igjen lyst å se  ordene "some assembly required"…..

Siden vi endte opp med 9 flatpakke fra Ikea pluss 14 kurver, 4 glass dører, 4 glass hyler og 12 tre dører.  Heldigvis var min kjære hjemme slik at han tok sæ av det meste ;)

Og en viktig ting å merke er at æ har fått et plass å lagre garnet mitt

Etter det så fikk vi besøk av min nære venninne Charman og hennes lille prinsesse.  Utrolig nok har æ ikke et eneste bilde fra den helgen :(

Og så kom 17. mai – håper min kjære tok noen bilder med hans kamera.

Og midt i  flyplassstreiken kom mamma og pappa.  Dem fikk siste flyet inn til Haugesund  kvelden før streiken ble avsluttet.  Ja, ja - mæ og jentene hadde en fin tur til Haugesund/Karmøy selv om det var en liten utfordring å finne frem til flyplassen – noen skilter kunne ha hjulpet, men sånn er det vet du…

Her sitter "Grampy" og prinsessen og spiser ‘kippers’ :)

Det ble litt bursdagsfeiring her i huset og da måtte jentene pynter vet du.  Det var kjempekjekt å ha en sterk morfar som kunne hjelpe til. 

Og i løpet av den tiden Grammy og Grampy var på besøk, så bygde min kjære dette fotballmålet til jentene.  Utrolig nok så var dette av hans "resteting" som har vært liggende i garasjen en stund.

Og så skulle jentene får sæ sin jule- og bursdagsgave.  Grammy og Grampy har nemlig kjøpt en trampoline til dem.  Engelen merket den først og ropte til sin nesten døve morfar "hoppe, hoppe, hoppe…" Etterhvert så skjønte han det som ble sagt og da var bare å sette i gang….

Dette er gøy!!

Og etter en stund så merket vår prinsesse at det var nokka nytt nede i hagen vår…..

Vi var så heldig med været – hele den tiden mamma og pappa var her.  Utrolig nok så forsvant solen dagen etter dem reiste – kan det være nokka sammenheng der…..

Katten vår som heter ‘Red’ slapper av litt her…. det ble travle dager med besøket.

Litt strikking har det vært – denne ble laget til en fest vi var med på – måtte ha nokka lite til min mobil og lebestift ;)

Min to-footies sokker ble endelig ferdig, men da visste deg sæ at mamma likte dem og de passet ho og siden æ hadde glemt å sende en morsdagsgave så fikk ho dem med sæ hjem.

Det ble litt garn shopping på mæ og…….. nokka fra Knit Me Norway.  Det rosa garnet skal være en genser til min prinsesse og æ kjøpte et annet garn som skal være ei jakke til engelen min og de andre nøstene likte æ bare så mye at æ måtte bare ha de.

Og da hadde æ en liten bursdagsfeiring og her er litt fra vår bursdags garnklubb.  Tusen, tusen takk – æ er utrolig heldig!!

Håper dokker har hatt det bra i det siste og regner med at det ikke ta så langt tid før æ oppdater igjen ;)


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Et lite stykke paradis :)

This year we travelled to Northern Norway for the Easter holiday.  As many of you know, my husband and his siblings have a house which once had belonged to their grandparents.  This was the view from the room they call ’sør løftet’.

When we arrived, there was plenty of snow and one of the first things we did was buy a set of skis for our princess.  Here she is for the first time.  She did well considering.

Our angel had a blast in the snow too!  It was quite deep in some places which made moving around for a little girl a little difficult, but we managed. 

There was also a little time for knitting.  Her is a one of the lue-alongen patterns for March in a lovely wool that Anette had given me a while ago.  It was nice and warm when the temperature up North suddenly dropped to minus 7 and 8

Both girls got new neck warmers………….

A vest for my little angel – its been done for a while.  She isn’t very excited about it and most of the time refuses to wear it :(

And I managed to get one sock done……….

As hard as it was to leave our litte bit of paradise - we were shocked to come back to Bergen to find snow of all things!!  The girls are loving the winter weather :)

Wishing you and your a great weekend.

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Litt nytt :)

Den siste av tre bursdagsluer.  Strikket i Extra Merino, med popcorn og Hifa bomull.  Fikk melding etter bursdagsbesøk at den falte i smak!  Utrolig enkelt oppskrift, men det er mye som kan gjøres for å pynte den opp.

Så langt har æ kommet med min Eskimo veske.  Er veldig spent, men må nok sy nokka inne…….

Men æ fant disse kjempestilige knappene hos To Damer forrige tirsdag og tenkte at de ville være perfekt til vesken min….

Disse strikket æ for en stund siden, men glemte å ta bildet.  Den øverste passet kun til dukkene, men den nederste er min prinsessens sin.  Æ har tenkt å pynte med perler, men har ikke kommet så lang ennå :)

Og denne dukken har endelig fått kjølen sin.  Æ er nesten nødt til å stikke den jakken som passer, men det blir nok en påske gave tenke æ :)

Og her er min lille engel, som vokser og vokser.  Her er den nydelig lamb ho fikk av sin tante og onkel til jul.  Den er fra Island, og er sååååå deilig.  Den er hennes "bæ, bæ" og ho må han den og sitt alpakka teppe når ho legge sæ om kvelden :)

Ha en fortsatt fin uke :)

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You make my day :)

Jeg har vært så heldig og fått denne koselig awarden fra Anne-Ruth http://anne-ruth.com/wordpress/ og HusmorNom www.vgb.no/20826 

Tusen, tusen takk :)


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